After watching the father of spin

November 16, 2009

After watching the father of spin i was really amazed that one person can impact this much on the cosumersim and democracy.

He perfectly understands what he needs to do in order to sell the product and he can manipulate people’s mind freely.

Some might says it’s not good to manipulate humans mind and make them to buy certain product but

I would say that it’s perfectly okay to do so.

He did nothing that is illegal and what he did was simply finding another ways to show the product to people or find another ways to send a certain messages to people.

I’m not sure if there is some like Edward L Bernays in korea. (If there were I would love to meet with that guy)

We are living in the world of consumerism and to survive in this world we have to earn the money any way we can.

What Bernays did will be followed and will be mimicked by many person in the world.

Before him people just thought that if they show the product to people will come and buy it.

But Bernays gave people a meaning to consumer he told them they need to buy the product because of some reason.

Or sometime he use crowd fear to sell the product.

Sure he may got bit far in doing so but because of him we now knows what is useful way to sell product and what is not.

And he did not only affect the world of consumerism he also affected our democracy.

If it were not for him who can think out useful way to gather crowd and make them think that candidate they are seeing is trustworthy person or person they can depend on?

I believe human is only living creature in the earth that tries to control or manipulate  the mind of ther own in order to acheive something they want.

Sure Bernays may not be first to come up with the idea to manipulating human mind to acheive something (there was Goebbels from Nachi) and he may be just a guy who used his uncle’s theory but he theory does not have any if it jsut remain as it is. They have to find a way to use the theory in their daily lives and Bernays is the fisrt one to use his uncle’s theory in practical use.

Well those were what i thought after watching the videos about Edward L Bernays. And thanks to this video I started to get huge interest on the ways to advertise product and ways to control the crowd and human mind.


Personal reaction after listennig to War of the world and outfoxed

November 1, 2009

After listenning to the war of the world broadcast I thought it was unforgivable for Orson Wells to broadcast such thing.

People believe in media and media have to maintain the people’s trust.

But what Orson Wells done was completly breaking people’s trust on media.

Orson said he did such thing in order to take out the authority from the media.

Who does he think he is? And why does he have to take such methiod?

Sure back in that days being the only source of the inforamtion radio has remendous authority.

(At least that’s what i blelieve)

And some of the authority has to be taken out from it but it will happen gradually over time if it was left alone.

With the advance of technology people will have other means of getting information and the authority of the media will start to decrease.

Orson Well were not famous anchor at the time of broadcast. What I believe is that he broadcasted such thing in order to gain some popularity of the people and he made out some excuse in order to avoid the consequence of his action.

To create such panic among people in order to gain popularity from people and at the same time completly destroys peoples belief on media is unforgivable.

Well these were what I thought after listening to War of the world.


After I watched the video about fox I started to understnad why some people really hate the fox brodcast.

What they are doing is something that’s not worth to called as news.

What they are making and showing to the people is just big fat ad.

News have to be fair to all side.

They have  to tell the people both side of the story even if they don’t want to.

Omitting the story or just to make it smaller and just telling one side’s opinion can not be called as being fair.

News also have to be reliable. And to be reliable they have to tell the people a news from reliable sources.

The story that someone told or said can not be called as reliable sources.

If they want to use the story from ‘somepeople’ they have to clearly state what kind of group or person he/she is.

If they can not tell us those kind of thing it can not be reliable sources.

Finally Ceo should not give or his or her opinion to the reporters and reporters should not take orders from Ceos.

Sure Fox is privately owned television network and CEOs have right to make a decision for FOX what they are running is news network not just some small busines.

If the CEOs keep gives their opinion to the reporters and reporters are taking order from them what they are producing can not be called as journalism or news.


Any way that was what I thought after watching the videos about Fox news channel.

News judgement

October 25, 2009


The article is about child sexual abuse and how they are being punished.

The article meet the criteria as news.

It has impact to the people it’s telling them something they do not know

and the story is unique and the story is based on the korean region only.

I think the article is useful to the people because it tells you something that not many people knows.

And it also gives you message to the people.

The article is telling people we need to change the society because despite their crime not many of them are being punished.

(although I’m not quiet sure giving message to the people is right thing for news.)



2) after seeing Growing Up Online.

Well I’m not too worried about teenagers spending most of their time in online.

I personally sepnt most of my teenage years doing exactly same thing as the

kid in the in the videos but i do not regret doing those things.

And it’s their life they can choose what they want to do with their own life.

Lastly even though they seems to spent lot’s of time in the online

most of them are aware of their own action and they will try their

hardest to not cross the line.

So because of these reasons I do not worry about teenagers spending their time in the online


October 2, 2009


RPG – Allah’s magic wand


keep it simple



fast food holic

[Media Use/Effect Paper]

September 20, 2009


I really don’t have much memory about my preschool year. Only thing I could remember is that I used to watch TV program which are made for childrens. (program like sesame street) Other than that I really didn’t watched a TV a lot. (I used to go out side and played with other guys.)


image of Sesame Street. Back when I was preschooler they used to show this once a week. I could not understand what they were saying but I just watched the show because of their funny movement and colors.

Elementary School

I was in Egypt when I was in elementary school because of my father’s job. And because it was dangerous for foreigner kid to go out alone I spent a lot’s of time watching TVs. Because of the fact I can not understand Arabic my parent subscribed satelite TV and I watched European TV shows.  (it’s not that I understand English or French at that time but my parents thought it was better watch English program than watch Arabian program.)


Image of MacGyver. Used to watch this show a lot when I was in Egypt using satelite TV. I don’t remember the story but one thing I can remember is that Macgyver really used used a lot’s of tools made something weird.



picture of satelite TV. Think It had more than 700 channels but did not watched it all of them. Only Channel I watched was English channel and channel that was showing animations. Because of these I started show my interest on the animations and movies. Whenever I came back from the school I had nothing to do but watch the TVs and I watched a tons of shows.

Middle School

I was in Indonesia at that time. And just like before because we couldn’t understand Indonesian language so we borrow the video tapes and watched it everyweek. (mostly movies but sometimes recording of korean TVs.) And at one point we bought the computer and subscribed internet services. With it’s amazingly low speed (56kbps) we watched the vod which was on the korean web sites. (it was 1997 so I whink internet was lot fast in Korea but in Indonesia best speed we could get was 56kb per second so it tooks tons of time to just watch 3 minute videos.)


Image of Mission impossible poster. Although I could not go to the cinema and watched a movie I really liked it when I watched on the VHS. Story was bit hard for me to understand at that time but really liked the action scenes.


picture of VHS or video tapes. Other than going to the cinema and watch movie it was only way for me to watch movies. Only bad thing about it is that the quality of the video differs from the status of VHS. Because the Video rent store was not located near my house we went there once a week and borrowed 10~15 video tapes at once.

High School

I was in Canada at that time and at there I started part time job at restaurant so I had plenty of money to spend on high quality videos. So I started to collect the DVDs.


It was cheap and had nice quality of videos.Only bad thing about it was that it was really hard to collect the DVDs in Canada. I was collecting animation DVDs but it took 3~5months to DVDs to come out and there’s only a handfull of mall that sells animation DVD. (there was tons of mall that sells Disney’s animation but that was not what I wanted) I still collect the DVDs but I do not have enough times to watch it so i just stack them on my bookshelves.


After I came back to Korea I didn’t have that much time to spend on the TVs or other kind of media in fact I still did not watched a DVD that I bought one years ago. Now days I only watch the video clips which are uploaded on the Youtube.


(logo of youtube)

It’s convinent and easy to watch and have a lot’s of contents. And the one thing I really liked about youtube is that you can watch video clips that are unique and hillarious because those are made by the users. And you can make your own videos and can see what people think about it. (by comment left by them) Because of my homeworks and project I use a youtube very frequently. (My second major is Culture content and it requires us to make a video and post it on the webs.)

Anyway that was everything about my media usuage and how it affected me.

Ad deconstruction

September 13, 2009

A. The Message of the Ad
1. Background: The Ad appear on the TV. It’s length is 1 minute 07seconds. The ad is telling about their cinema channel.

2. Target Audience: The ad is made for people who like to watch movies but ones who don’t want to go to the cinema or pay money everytime they watches it.

3. Hook and Story: The ad get people’s attention by showing them comical scenes. The story of the ad is two people is talking about certian movie. One person has already watched the movie but the other didn’t watched it. Based on the title of the movie person who doesn’t watch the movie is guessing how the movie is based on the story the other person is telling.

4. Primary Informational Message: This ad is giving a message to the people who are watching it. The message is ‘movies are meant to be seen, not to be heard’.

5. Secondary Messages (techniques of structure): The ad are appealing to people by telling them if you don’t watch the movie you can not associate with people properly. The ad makers are using fear tactic and social interactions.

6. Advertising Claims (techniques of language): The movie is purely based on the visual and does not use much languages.

B. Composition
1. Characters: 1 female, 1 male and bunch of guys who wears Napoleon’s costumes.

2. Setting: The ad is happening at two different places. Cafeteria and Antartica. The event in cafteria is happening around at noon but they are not showing times in Antartica scenes.

3. Copy: The name of the logo just appear once in the ad. The prduct is soken once in the conversation. Other than that it never appear or spoken in the ad.

4. Sound: Male’s voice is used on the ad. They use background music which does not fit the scenes.

5. Visual: How are the elements in the picture arranged? Is there any blank space? Does the ad contain juxtaposition (seemingly unrelated items placed close together or side by side)? Who or what is being emphasized? What are the facial expressions? What is the message connected to body language? Who or what is in the foreground? Background? What details may have been left out?

6. Color and Lighting: The color of the ad is warm at comforting in the cafeteria scene but cold in the Antartica scene. At the cafeteria scene they are using top light but in the Antartica scene they are using natural lights.

7. Point of View: The long shot and high angle were used in the ad.

8. Details and Accessories: At the cafeteria scene the speakers are wearing normal cloth but at the Antartica scene people are wearing cloth that resembles what Napoleon weared.
C. Summary Observations

1. Intended and Unintended Effects: The ad are intened to make people laugh. The unintended effect of ad give fears to the people (fears that if they don’t watch the movie they can not associate with people)

2. What the Ad Does Not Show: The amount of money that is need to subscipt the channel.

3. Personal Reaction: Well I would say the ad were very effective to me. Even though I do not watch movie very often after watching this ad for some reason I really want to watch the movies. If the ad were serious and demand us to watch subscibe the channel I probably would not feel this way but because the ad is meant give people a laugh I really liked the ad.

My response after watching videos

September 5, 2009


The video tells you about what the social media is.

The video tells a story of a town (scoopvil) that changed as a result of everyone being able to make their own ice cream.

The social media is something that everone can make in the form of video, blog or music.

and because it tells the people directly what they think about something

it is really useful and sometimes powerful

but I think social media is good all the time.

Because the social media is created on the internet and by a average normal person

people are never sure if it ( social media) is true or not

and the creator (person who created social media) does not have any responsiblity even if they give someone wrong information.



This video tells you about what the blog is.

It says that blog is popular because it gives a people a chance or opportunity to tell aother person a news and what they think about certain subject.

Well I’ve been running my own blog for about 4 years now (it korean one so I won’t write a address on here)

and I totally agree with the video.

People come to other person’s blog not just see the news they come to blog in order to see what other person think about

certain subject.

If the blog only tell you about new it won’t be as popular as it is because then it won’t be any different from other

average web sites.

Hello world!

September 5, 2009

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