My response after watching videos


The video tells you about what the social media is.

The video tells a story of a town (scoopvil) that changed as a result of everyone being able to make their own ice cream.

The social media is something that everone can make in the form of video, blog or music.

and because it tells the people directly what they think about something

it is really useful and sometimes powerful

but I think social media is good all the time.

Because the social media is created on the internet and by a average normal person

people are never sure if it ( social media) is true or not

and the creator (person who created social media) does not have any responsiblity even if they give someone wrong information.



This video tells you about what the blog is.

It says that blog is popular because it gives a people a chance or opportunity to tell aother person a news and what they think about certain subject.

Well I’ve been running my own blog for about 4 years now (it korean one so I won’t write a address on here)

and I totally agree with the video.

People come to other person’s blog not just see the news they come to blog in order to see what other person think about

certain subject.

If the blog only tell you about new it won’t be as popular as it is because then it won’t be any different from other

average web sites.


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