Ad deconstruction

A. The Message of the Ad
1. Background: The Ad appear on the TV. It’s length is 1 minute 07seconds. The ad is telling about their cinema channel.

2. Target Audience: The ad is made for people who like to watch movies but ones who don’t want to go to the cinema or pay money everytime they watches it.

3. Hook and Story: The ad get people’s attention by showing them comical scenes. The story of the ad is two people is talking about certian movie. One person has already watched the movie but the other didn’t watched it. Based on the title of the movie person who doesn’t watch the movie is guessing how the movie is based on the story the other person is telling.

4. Primary Informational Message: This ad is giving a message to the people who are watching it. The message is ‘movies are meant to be seen, not to be heard’.

5. Secondary Messages (techniques of structure): The ad are appealing to people by telling them if you don’t watch the movie you can not associate with people properly. The ad makers are using fear tactic and social interactions.

6. Advertising Claims (techniques of language): The movie is purely based on the visual and does not use much languages.

B. Composition
1. Characters: 1 female, 1 male and bunch of guys who wears Napoleon’s costumes.

2. Setting: The ad is happening at two different places. Cafeteria and Antartica. The event in cafteria is happening around at noon but they are not showing times in Antartica scenes.

3. Copy: The name of the logo just appear once in the ad. The prduct is soken once in the conversation. Other than that it never appear or spoken in the ad.

4. Sound: Male’s voice is used on the ad. They use background music which does not fit the scenes.

5. Visual: How are the elements in the picture arranged? Is there any blank space? Does the ad contain juxtaposition (seemingly unrelated items placed close together or side by side)? Who or what is being emphasized? What are the facial expressions? What is the message connected to body language? Who or what is in the foreground? Background? What details may have been left out?

6. Color and Lighting: The color of the ad is warm at comforting in the cafeteria scene but cold in the Antartica scene. At the cafeteria scene they are using top light but in the Antartica scene they are using natural lights.

7. Point of View: The long shot and high angle were used in the ad.

8. Details and Accessories: At the cafeteria scene the speakers are wearing normal cloth but at the Antartica scene people are wearing cloth that resembles what Napoleon weared.
C. Summary Observations

1. Intended and Unintended Effects: The ad are intened to make people laugh. The unintended effect of ad give fears to the people (fears that if they don’t watch the movie they can not associate with people)

2. What the Ad Does Not Show: The amount of money that is need to subscipt the channel.

3. Personal Reaction: Well I would say the ad were very effective to me. Even though I do not watch movie very often after watching this ad for some reason I really want to watch the movies. If the ad were serious and demand us to watch subscibe the channel I probably would not feel this way but because the ad is meant give people a laugh I really liked the ad.


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