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News judgement

October 25, 2009


The article is about child sexual abuse and how they are being punished.

The article meet the criteria as news.

It has impact to the people it’s telling them something they do not know

and the story is unique and the story is based on the korean region only.

I think the article is useful to the people because it tells you something that not many people knows.

And it also gives you message to the people.

The article is telling people we need to change the society because despite their crime not many of them are being punished.

(although I’m not quiet sure giving message to the people is right thing for news.)



2) after seeing Growing Up Online.

Well I’m not too worried about teenagers spending most of their time in online.

I personally sepnt most of my teenage years doing exactly same thing as the

kid in the in the videos but i do not regret doing those things.

And it’s their life they can choose what they want to do with their own life.

Lastly even though they seems to spent lot’s of time in the online

most of them are aware of their own action and they will try their

hardest to not cross the line.

So because of these reasons I do not worry about teenagers spending their time in the online



October 2, 2009


RPG – Allah’s magic wand


keep it simple



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