Personal reaction after listennig to War of the world and outfoxed

After listenning to the war of the world broadcast I thought it was unforgivable for Orson Wells to broadcast such thing.

People believe in media and media have to maintain the people’s trust.

But what Orson Wells done was completly breaking people’s trust on media.

Orson said he did such thing in order to take out the authority from the media.

Who does he think he is? And why does he have to take such methiod?

Sure back in that days being the only source of the inforamtion radio has remendous authority.

(At least that’s what i blelieve)

And some of the authority has to be taken out from it but it will happen gradually over time if it was left alone.

With the advance of technology people will have other means of getting information and the authority of the media will start to decrease.

Orson Well were not famous anchor at the time of broadcast. What I believe is that he broadcasted such thing in order to gain some popularity of the people and he made out some excuse in order to avoid the consequence of his action.

To create such panic among people in order to gain popularity from people and at the same time completly destroys peoples belief on media is unforgivable.

Well these were what I thought after listening to War of the world.


After I watched the video about fox I started to understnad why some people really hate the fox brodcast.

What they are doing is something that’s not worth to called as news.

What they are making and showing to the people is just big fat ad.

News have to be fair to all side.

They have  to tell the people both side of the story even if they don’t want to.

Omitting the story or just to make it smaller and just telling one side’s opinion can not be called as being fair.

News also have to be reliable. And to be reliable they have to tell the people a news from reliable sources.

The story that someone told or said can not be called as reliable sources.

If they want to use the story from ‘somepeople’ they have to clearly state what kind of group or person he/she is.

If they can not tell us those kind of thing it can not be reliable sources.

Finally Ceo should not give or his or her opinion to the reporters and reporters should not take orders from Ceos.

Sure Fox is privately owned television network and CEOs have right to make a decision for FOX what they are running is news network not just some small busines.

If the CEOs keep gives their opinion to the reporters and reporters are taking order from them what they are producing can not be called as journalism or news.


Any way that was what I thought after watching the videos about Fox news channel.


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