After watching the father of spin

After watching the father of spin i was really amazed that one person can impact this much on the cosumersim and democracy.

He perfectly understands what he needs to do in order to sell the product and he can manipulate people’s mind freely.

Some might says it’s not good to manipulate humans mind and make them to buy certain product but

I would say that it’s perfectly okay to do so.

He did nothing that is illegal and what he did was simply finding another ways to show the product to people or find another ways to send a certain messages to people.

I’m not sure if there is some like Edward L Bernays in korea. (If there were I would love to meet with that guy)

We are living in the world of consumerism and to survive in this world we have to earn the money any way we can.

What Bernays did will be followed and will be mimicked by many person in the world.

Before him people just thought that if they show the product to people will come and buy it.

But Bernays gave people a meaning to consumer he told them they need to buy the product because of some reason.

Or sometime he use crowd fear to sell the product.

Sure he may got bit far in doing so but because of him we now knows what is useful way to sell product and what is not.

And he did not only affect the world of consumerism he also affected our democracy.

If it were not for him who can think out useful way to gather crowd and make them think that candidate they are seeing is trustworthy person or person they can depend on?

I believe human is only living creature in the earth that tries to control or manipulate  the mind of ther own in order to acheive something they want.

Sure Bernays may not be first to come up with the idea to manipulating human mind to acheive something (there was Goebbels from Nachi) and he may be just a guy who used his uncle’s theory but he theory does not have any if it jsut remain as it is. They have to find a way to use the theory in their daily lives and Bernays is the fisrt one to use his uncle’s theory in practical use.

Well those were what i thought after watching the videos about Edward L Bernays. And thanks to this video I started to get huge interest on the ways to advertise product and ways to control the crowd and human mind.


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